Tuition and Majors
Tuition is Affordable!
Contact the Dean's office for current rates.

Class Times are Convenient!
You can go to school while working at your job and taking care of your family.  
Also, credits are given for your life experience.

Graduates move on to ministry!
Many are pastoring churches.  Some are chaplains in nursing homes, hospitals,
or prisons.  Some have radio and TV ministries.  Many are missionaries,
teachers, prophets, counselors, and evangelists.  Nearly all are in leadership in
their respective churches and organizations.
Some of Our Courses
    All the books of the BIBLE
    Tabernacle of Moses
    Tabernacle of David
    Solomon's Temple
    Prophets I & II
    The Work of the HOLY SPIRIT
    The Kingdom of GOD
    Blood Covenant

    Nouthetic Counseling I & II
    Moral Excellence
    Marriage Counseling
    Cults and the Occult
    Counseling for Addictions

    Anointed Preaching
    Pastoral Relations
    Children's Ministry
    Nursing Home Ministry
    Pure in Heart
    Communion with GOD
    Prayer Ministry
    Dreams and Visions
    History of Church Revival
    Practicum (such as R.W. Schambach tent revival)
    Mission Trips
    Ministry in the Local Church